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We are honoured and delighted to feature in the Diavlos International Choral Festival 2020 held in Greece October 17-18th.  We feature at 55.20 on Day One which is posted below.  You can learn more about this non-competitive friendly international festival here.
We actively encourage all our members to browse our Repertoire pages and keep singing our songs in preparation for our return.  If you don't have our song book, you can use this online version

We'd also like to share this booklet "Finding the Fun in Dementia" - written by our own volunteer - Karen Meenan - in collaboration with Engaging Dementia.  She explores ways in which families can explore the past with their loved ones in a fun and gentle way - and you don't have to have a memory loss condition to enjoy this!

Lockdown Musings by Maria Mahony
(Listen to Maria by clicking on the poem title)
Past Events 2020
Saturday, 1st February - The Helix
The Forget Me Nots...a choir to remember.
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